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LYRSRX Electronic scale USB charging electronic scale household body scale health weighs heavy weight scale electronic

Original price was: $67,499.00.Current price is: $33,726.00.


Price: ₹67,499 - ₹33,726.00
(as of Jun 07, 2024 10:43:42 UTC – Details)

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Product Type: Electronic Scale
Boot mode: Surface automatic boot (first use, wait for 10 seconds to stand on the station, avoid self-weight error)
Charging mode: battery / USB charging
Unit display: kg / kg (kg)
Insufficient power: display LO battery (change battery) / charge (USB charging)
Color difference: The amount of light as a substrate.Picture Problem.Display factor
About errors: Weights belong to home weighs.Positive and negative 0.3kg is normal tolerance
Product size: 28x26cm
Screen size: 7cmx28cm
Weighing range: 0.2-180kg
Product Net weight: 11kg
Weighing material: tempered safety glass (high support)
Gift Description: The battery will be available on the 7th battery.Charging feeding charging data cable + tip (no charging head)

It can accurately measure the body’s weight. You can see the status of weight control in a certain period of time through daily weight changes. Weight control is the basis of health management.
The incidence of obesity now accounts for a quarter of the world. Therefore, it is necessary to buy a weight scale to control weight and health.
The tempered glass safety round is not afraid of impact, and the tools of the process, the tempered glass of the weighing, the touch will not hurt, let you and your family’s weighing measurement is safer.
LED Night White Vision 75 x 30mm large screen, deep film LCD screen, the night is equally weighing.
USB charging energy saving and environmental protection, bid farewell to cumbersome battery replacement, convenient charging once a month.


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