BRM Chemicals Red Powder Colour – 50 Grams Oil Soluble – for Soap Making, Candle Making, Shampoo Making, Lotions, Make Up, Cosmetics & DIY Personal Care

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BRM Chemicals | Red Powder Colour | Oil Soluble | 50 Grams | Cosmetic Grade | 100% Quality Assurance | Never Tested On Animals
✔ Soap Making
✔ Candle Making
✔ Shampoo Making
✔ DIY Personal Care
✔ Cosmetic Making
✔ Face & Facial Mask Making
✔ Body & Face Scrub Making
✔ Face Care
✔ Hair Care
✔ Body Care
✔ Skin Care
✔ Lotion Making
✔ Moisturizer Making
BRM lets you get your beauty ideas and formulations to life, providing you with everything and anything you need to succeed with your cosmetic making and personal care products brand. The entire range is now conveniently available to you at your doorstep with premium quality assurance and a price that will surely help you and your passion grow.
Whether it is for DIY projects or a full range niche segment cosmetic brand, we can supply you with everything you need with premium quality and price. We have been supplying to major brands since the last 33 years, now its time to help you and get your ideas to life.
Gone are the days when you had to go sourcing in the scorching heat to material hubs like Old Delhi. With the help of Amazon and BRM, you can receive all your requirements with premium quality at your doorstep.
BRM is recognised for quality but preferred for performance. We have been serving numerous businesses and brands since 1987. The years of experience and innovation helps us to give you our patrons the best quality products to have a hassle free experience with your brands and projects.
Red POWDER colour is soluble in oil for your DIY Beauty recipes, cosmetic formulation and candle making.
DIY PERSONAL CARE: This is a raw material and is used in combination with other products to make cosmetics, make up, beauty and personal care products.
MULTI USE: Cosmetic Grade Red Powder Colour is used as a raw material for your cosmetic brand or DIY use to make products such as body scrubs, lotions, creams, moisturizers, serums, body butters, hair and skin care and bath products, pressed powders, liquid foundation, mascara, deodorant soap, shampoo making and many more beauty and make up products.
50 Grams PACK: Comes in a sealed box with 50 Grams of Red Powder Colour. Light and fine texture.
PRODUCT OF INDIA: 100% Quality assured, Never tested on animals. You can check our other products to source everything and anything you need for your soap, shampoo, cosmetic making supplies. BRM has been supplying to all known brands since the past 30 years.


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