Bali is one of those incredible destinations that’s amazing year-round. But, if you want to maximize sunshine, avoid massive crowds, and snag decent deals, timing is everything! Let’s break down the when is the best time to go to Bali :

The Sweet Spot: Shoulder Seasons

  • April – June: The weather is fantastic, with mostly sunny days and comfortable temperatures. Waterfalls are still flowing nicely from the rainy season, and the crowds haven’t reached their peak yet.
  • September – October: Another great window where the rain eases off, temperatures are pleasant, and you’ll find smaller crowds than the summer rush.

Why the Shoulder Seasons are Awesome

  • Perfect Outdoor Adventures: Whether you’re into hiking, exploring rice terraces, beach hopping, or temple visits, the weather is on your side.
  • Fewer People, More Paradise: Less competition for those Instagram-worthy sunset spots and easier to book your dream accommodation.
  • Decent Prices: You won’t find the absolute cheapest deals, but you’ll avoid the inflated prices of peak season.
when is the best time to go to bali

Other Awesome Times to Visit (Depending on Your Priorities)

  • Surfers Paradise (May – September): The dry season delivers reliable swells, especially on Bali’s west coast. Perfect if you dream of catching those legendary waves.
  • Quiet Retreats, Lush Landscapes (October – March): Bali’s rainy season isn’t ideal for constant beach days, but if you’re craving quiet getaways, stunningly green scenery, and budget-friendly deals, it has its charms. Just be prepared for the occasional downpour!
  • Ultimate Flexibility (All Year): Even during peak seasons or the wetter months, there are ways to beat the crowds. Explore Bali’s north and east coasts for a less touristy, more authentic experience.

What to Keep in Mind

  • Nyepi (Day of Silence): This Balinese Hindu holiday is a unique experience, but it does mean 24-hours of total silence across the island. Check the dates for the year you plan to travel, as it changes annually.
  • Peak Holiday Seasons: December-January and July-August get super busy. Book well in advance and expect higher prices if traveling during these times.

My Pro Tip: The “best” time to visit Bali really comes down to your priorities! Do you crave non-stop sunshine and outdoor adventures? Love hunting down those hidden gems without the crowds? Maybe you’re a dedicated surfer or a bargain hunter. Knowing what you want will help you choose the ideal timing.

Bali has something to offer everyone, regardless of season. Let me know if you’re drawn to a certain type of experience, and I can offer specific tips for timing your trip perfectly!

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