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Ditch the crowds and predictable, Shimla honeymooners! Nestled amidst rolling hills and whispering forests, beyond the tourist traps of The Mall Road, lie 7 hidden gems waiting to ignite your love story. Forget cookie-cutter romance; get ready for adventure, cultural immersion, and culinary delights that will tantalize your taste buds and your hearts.Read more on shimla honeymoon places in India :

Shimla honeymoon places in india

1. Naldehra Peak: Hike Hand-in-Hand to Panoramic Bliss:

shimla honeymoon places in india
  • How to Reach: Hire a taxi from Shimla or rent bicycles for a romantic adventure. The climb takes about an hour.
  • Specialty: Panoramic views that stretch as far as the eye can see, paragliding for adrenaline junkies, horseback riding for a fairytale touch.
  • Food to Try: Pack a picnic basket with local cheeses, fresh bread, and seasonal fruits for a cozy alfresco lunch amidst the breathtaking vista.

2. Chadwick Falls: Embrace the Roar and Unveil Hidden Romance:

shimla honeymoon places in india
  • How to Reach: Reach the falls by taxi or embark on a scenic hike from Glenogle Estate. Wear sturdy shoes and pack swimwear!
  • Specialty: Cascading beauty veiled in mist, hidden rock pools perfect for a refreshing dip, serene forest trails with whispering secrets.
  • Food to Try: Refuel after your adventure with Sidu, a traditional Himachali dish of steamed wheat dumplings stuffed with vegetables or paneer.

3. Jakhoo Hill: Climb to New Heights and Find Spiritual Unity:

shimla honeymoon places in india
  • How to Reach: Take the Toy Train to Jakhoo station or conquer the 2,500 steps, savoring the stunning views along the way.
  • Specialty: Hanuman temple blessings for good luck, world’s highest vehicle track ride for thrill seekers (optional), and a mesmerizing ropeway descent for a final dose of magic.
  • Food to Try: Indulge in a sweet treat at Jakhoo Temple’s langar, where volunteers offer prasad like halwa and jalebi.

4. Summer Hill: Escape to a Colonial Fairytale:

shimla honeymoon places in india
  • How to Reach: A short taxi ride from Shimla takes you to this peaceful village. Explore on foot or rent bicycles for a charming ride.
  • Specialty: Quaint colonial charm with gingerbread houses and cobbled lanes, apple orchards for romantic strolls, picnic meadows nestled amidst history.
  • Food to Try: Savor a leisurely afternoon tea at an old-world cafe, enjoying scones, clotted cream, and the timeless ambiance.

5. Glenogle Estate: Rekindle Romance in Heritage Charm:

  • How to Reach: Located between Shimla and Naldehra, it’s accessible by taxi or a pre-arranged estate pick-up. Book your stay in advance to ensure your love nest awaits.
  • Specialty: Heritage charm with colonial architecture, apple orchards for hand-in-hand strolls, bicycle trails for playful escapades, horse riding for a touch of royalty, and romantic candlelit dinners in the garden.
  • Food to Try: Sample a Himachali feast at the estate’s restaurant, featuring aromatic lamb curries, fresh vegetables, and local apple desserts.

6. Himalayan Nature Park: Find Harmony in Nature’s Embrace:

shimla honeymoon places in india
  • How to Reach: A short ride from Glenogle Estate or Shimla, the park has a dedicated entrance and guided tours available. Wear comfortable shoes and embrace the outdoors.
  • Specialty: Diverse flora and fauna for curious minds, birdwatching for shared moments of wonder, nature trails for hand-in-hand explorations, and serene meadows for quiet reflection.
  • Food to Try: Pack a picnic basket of fresh fruits, nuts, and cheese for a healthy and delicious experience amidst the greenery.

7. Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex: Laugh, Learn, and Love Through History:

shimla honeymoon places in india
  • How to Reach: Located on The Mall in Shimla, it’s easily accessible by walking or rickshaw. Prepare to be transported back in time!
  • Specialty: Colonial memorabilia that sparks conversation, interactive exhibits for playful learning, dress-up experiences for quirky photo memories, and historical insights you’ll share for years to come.
  • Food to Try: After your historical journey, head to The Mall Road for a romantic dinner at a restaurant with a view, savoring local delicacies like momos and Thukpa.
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