Pothamedu View Point: A Breathtaking Panorama Awaits

Pothamedu View Point

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Nestled amidst the lush greenery of the Western Ghats in Kerala, Pothamedu View Point offers a mesmerizing panorama that leaves visitors spellbound. This idyllic spot, located in the Idukki district, is a haven for nature lovers, photographers, and adventure seekers.

Pothamedu View Point

Pothamedu View Point is renowned for its breathtaking vista that unfolds like a majestic painting. Lush green valleys, cascading waterfalls, and rolling hills paint a picture of unparalleled beauty. The view is especially captivating during the monsoons when the landscape is adorned with waterfalls and mist-laden clouds.

Activities that Exhilarate

Pothamedu View Point is not just a place to admire the scenery; it also serves as a base for various exciting activities:

  • Trekking: Embark on invigorating treks through the verdant hills and tea plantations, immersing yourself in the natural beauty of the region.
  • Camping: Pitch a tent under the starlit sky and experience the serenity of nature.
  • Birdwatching: Spot a variety of birds, including the Malabar whistling thrush, white-bellied treepie, and Indian grey hornbill.
  • Photography: Capture stunning photographs of the mesmerizing landscapes and the vibrant flora and fauna.
  • Off-roading: Challenge yourself with an exhilarating off-road adventure through the rugged terrain.
Pothamedu View Point

A Spiritual Connection

Pothamedu View Point is also home to several temples and shrines, offering a serene atmosphere for introspection and spiritual connection. The Parunthumpara Hills, located nearby, are a popular pilgrimage destination for devotees of Lord Shiva.

Reaching Point:

Pothamedu View Point is conveniently located near the popular tourist destination of Munnar in Kerala, India. Here are some options to reach Point:

By Road:

  • Munnar to Pothamedu: The distance between Munnar and Pothamedu View Point is approximately 6 kilometers. You can easily reach the viewpoint by hiring a taxi or jeep from Munnar town. The drive takes about 20-30 minutes and offers scenic views of the surrounding hills and tea plantations.
  • Public Transportation: While not the most convenient option, you can also take a bus from Munnar to Chithirapuram (5 km from Pothamedu) and then hire a taxi or auto-rickshaw to the viewpoint.


  • For the adventurous souls, Pothamedu View Point can also be reached by a moderate hike from Munnar. The hike takes about 2-3 hours and offers stunning views of the landscape. Make sure you wear proper hiking shoes and carry water and snacks for the journey.

Nearby Places to Visit:

Pothamedu View Point is surrounded by several other attractions that are worth exploring:

  • Parunthumpara Hills: Located just 2 kilometers from Point, the Parunthumpara Hills are a popular pilgrimage destination with stunning views of the surrounding valleys.
  • Attukad Waterfalls: A beautiful cascading waterfall set amidst lush greenery, Attukad Waterfalls is a refreshing getaway about 10 kilometers from Point.
  • Anamudi Peak: The highest peak in South India, Anamudi offers breathtaking views of the Western Ghats and is a challenge for experienced trekkers.
  • Eravikulam National Park: Home to the endangered Nilgiri Tahr, Eravikulam National Park is a must-visit for wildlife enthusiasts.
  • Lakkam Waterfalls: A cascading series of waterfalls surrounded by natural beauty, Lakkam Waterfalls is a tranquil spot for a picnic or a refreshing swim.
  • Munnar Tea Museum: Learn about the history and process of tea making at the Munnar Tea Museum, located in the heart of Munnar town.
  • Rose Garden: Immerse yourself in the fragrant beauty of the Rose Garden, featuring a variety of rose varieties and stunning views of the surrounding hills.

Planning Your Visit

  • Best time to visit: October to May
  • How to reach: Pothamedu View Point is easily accessible by road from Munnar, which is about 20 kilometers away. Taxis and jeeps are readily available for hire.
  • Accommodation: Munnar offers a range of accommodation options, from budget-friendly homestays to luxurious resorts.
  • Essentials: Carry comfortable clothing, sturdy shoes, sunscreen, insect repellent, and a hat.

Embrace the Enchantment

Pothamedu View Point is a destination that promises an unforgettable experience. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty, engage in thrilling activities, and find solace in the spiritual aura.

Pothamedu View Point
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