I love Chikmagalur for its mix of invigorating hikes, the relaxing aroma of coffee estates, and an overall slower pace than the big cities. While a week here is ideal, you can still experience its magic in just 3 days. Here’s the itinerary of places to visit in chikmagalur in 3 days that I’d use, focusing on the spots that left the biggest impression on me:

places to visit in chikmagalur in 3 days

Places to visit in chikmagalur in 3 days

Day 1: Coffee Culture & Epic Sunsets

  • Fuel Up Like a Local: Skip the fancy coffee shops, find a roadside stall for strong filter coffee served in those cute steel tumblers. It’s the authentic way to start your day!
  • Plantation Immersion: I loved touring a smaller, family-run coffee plantation. You get a real sense of how much care goes into each cup, and the walks amidst the coffee plants are gorgeous.
  • Hebbe Falls Refreshment: Pack a lunch and spend the afternoon here. The waterfall’s powerful, especially after the monsoon, and there’s something really relaxing about being surrounded by the coffee estate.
  • Mullayanagiri Challenge: That sunset trek is tough, no lie! But seeing the hills bathed in golden light from Karnataka’s highest peak… worth every bit of effort.

2: Ancient Marvels & Scenic Detours

  • Belur & Halebidu Temples: Warning: these might blow your mind! Hire a local guide if you can, it adds so much to the experience. (FYI – it’s about a 2-hour drive each way)
  • Baba Budangiri’s Peak: The views alone justify the trip. Plus, learning about its history as a place important to both Hindus and Muslims adds an extra layer of meaning.
  • Seek out Manikyadhara: I stumbled on this waterfall, and loved how quiet it was. You need a good 4×4 and a short hike, but the feeling of discovery and the pristine pool is special.

Day 3: Waterfalls, Local Eats & Chilling Out

  • Kallathigiri Falls Adventure: The jeep ride to the start is half the fun! The hike’s got stunning views, and the waterfall itself is awe-inspiring.
  • Taste of Malnad: Forget touristy spots. Ask your homestay host or driver to recommend a no-frills place for authentic food – Akki Roti, those flavorful curries… this was some of the best eating of my trip.
  • Souvenir Time: Don’t just grab any coffee. Ask around smaller shops or plantations for their special roasts – taking those flavors home is priceless.
  • Earned Relaxation: I always end my Chikmagalur trips with lazy time, be it poolside, strolling the plantation, or just reading with a killer view. It’s vital after all that hiking!

My Pro Tips

  • Rent Wheels: If your budget allows, having your own car/driver gives you way more freedom to explore those lesser-known spots.
  • Homestays Rock: You get delicious home-cooked food and that warm Malnad hospitality. Far more memorable than a generic hotel!
  • Mornings are Magical: Chikmagalur is prettiest before the crowds swarm in. Set that alarm a little earlier, it’s worth it.

This itinerary is action-packed, but I find that’s what Chikmagalur does – it fills you with this energy to get out and explore. Of course, you can absolutely add a chill-out day or adjust the pace to suit you. That’s the beauty of this place – it makes the perfect trip, no matter your style!

Curious about any specific spots or logistics? Hit me up, I’ve got more tips to share!

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