Kotappakonda sri trikoteswara swami temple: Bhakti ki Prerana

kotappakonda sri trikoteswara swami temple

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In the heartland of Andhra Pradesh, amid the undulating landscapes and verdant fields, lies a sanctuary of spiritual solace – the Kotappakonda Sri Trikoteswara Swami Temple. With its rich history, captivating architecture, and serene surroundings, this temple stands as a beacon of devotion and tranquility. Join us as we embark on a journey to explore the marvels and significance of the Kotappakonda temple.

Architectural Grandeur:

The architecture of the Kotappakonda temple seamlessly blends tradition with aesthetic elegance. The temple complex boasts intricate carvings, sculpted pillars, and ornate mandapams that narrate stories from Hindu mythology. The towering gopuram at the entrance stands as a sentinel of spirituality, welcoming visitors into a realm of divine reverence.

kotappakonda sri trikoteswara swami temple
kotappakonda sri trikoteswara swami temple

How to reach:

Reaching Kotappakonda Sri Trikoteswara Swami Temple involves a journey through picturesque landscapes and winding roads. Here’s a guide on how to reach the temple:

By Air: The nearest major airport to Kotappakonda is the Vijayawada International Airport, which is approximately 85 kilometers away. From the airport, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach the temple. The journey from the airport to Kotappakonda takes around 2 to 3 hours, depending on the traffic and road conditions.

By Train: The closest railway station to Kotappakonda is Narasaraopet Railway Station, located about 23 kilometers away. From the railway station, you can hire a taxi or take a local bus to reach the temple. The drive typically takes around 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the chosen mode of transportation.

By Road: Kotappakonda is well-connected by road, and you can reach the temple by car or bus. The temple is situated approximately 18 kilometers from Narasaraopet and around 245 kilometers from Vijayawada. The roads leading to the temple offer scenic views of the countryside, making the journey an enjoyable experience.

Alternatively, you can use navigation apps or GPS devices to guide you along the best route based on your starting location.

Local Transportation: Once you reach Kotappakonda, you can explore the temple complex and the hill on foot. The temple’s surroundings are serene and offer a great opportunity for a leisurely walk. However, for those who prefer not to walk, local auto-rickshaws or taxis might be available for short distances.

kotappakonda sri trikoteswara swami temple Timings:

The temple timings for Kotappakonda Sri Trikoteswara Swami Temple may vary based on the day of the week and any special occasions. However, generally, the temple timings follow a pattern similar to the ones mentioned below:

kotappakonda sri trikoteswara swami temple


  • The temple usually opens early in the morning, around 5:00 AM or 6:00 AM.
  • Morning hours are ideal for devotees seeking a peaceful and serene environment for their prayers and rituals.

Afternoon Break:

  • The temple may close for a few hours during the afternoon, typically from around 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM.
  • This break allows the temple staff to perform necessary rituals and maintenance.


  • The temple reopens in the late afternoon or early evening, around 4:00 PM or 5:00 PM.
  • Evening hours offer another opportunity for devotees to visit, partake in prayers, and experience the temple’s spiritual ambiance.

Closing Time:

  • The temple usually closes in the evening, around 8:00 PM or 9:00 PM.

Place to visit nearby:

Here are some places to visit nearby:

  1. Narasaraopet: Narasaraopet, located about 23 kilometers from Kotappakonda, offers historical and cultural attractions. Visitors can explore the ancient Koti Lingala Temple and the Narasimha Swamy Temple.
  2. Amaravathi: Amaravathi, around 90 kilometers away from Kotappakonda, is known for its Buddhist heritage. The Amaravathi Mahachaitya, with its intricate carvings and ancient stupas, attracts history enthusiasts and spiritual seekers alike.
  3. Ethipothala Waterfalls: These waterfalls, situated about 80 kilometers away, captivate with their natural beauty. Surrounded by lush greenery, the waterfalls provide a picturesque spot for relaxation and photography.
  4. Guntur: Located around 80 kilometers away, Guntur holds historical significance. Visitors can explore attractions like the Kondaveedu Fort, Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary, and various temples.
  5. Suryalanka Beach: For those seeking a coastal retreat, Suryalanka Beach, around 140 kilometers from Kotappakonda, offers a beautiful stretch of coastline with golden sands and serene waters.
  6. Mangalagiri: About 60 kilometers away, Mangalagiri is known for its hilltop temple dedicated to Lord Narasimha. The temple’s architecture and panoramic views make it a must-visit
  7. Chandavaram Buddhist Site: Around 70 kilometers away, this archaeological site features remnants of a Buddhist monastery and stupas, offering insights into the region’s ancient history.
  8. Kuchipudi: For those interested in classical arts, Kuchipudi is renowned for its traditional dance form. Visitors can explore cultural centers and even witness live performances.

kotappakonda sri trikoteswara swami temple
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