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Nestled amidst the verdant hills of Odisha, Gudisa Hill Station whispers a siren song to nature lovers, adventure seekers, and anyone seeking a serene escape from the city’s clamor. This uncrowded gem, far from the tourist trail, offers breathtaking vistas, cascading waterfalls, lush greenery, and a chance to reconnect with the simple beauty of nature.

Getting Gudisa hill station:

Gudisa Hill Station, nestled amidst the verdant hills of Odisha, beckons travelers seeking an escape from the mundane. While reaching this hidden gem might involve a bit of planning compared to well-trodden tourist spots, the journey itself adds to the charm of the adventure. Here’s a comprehensive guide to get you there:0

Gudisa hill station

By Road:

  • Driving: The most convenient and scenic option for those who love road trips. From Bhubaneswar, take NH 59 and NH 16 to reach Rayagada. From there, follow the SH-54 and SH-61 to reach Gudisa. The total distance is approximately 240 kilometers and takes around 6-7 hours.
  • Taxis and Cabs: Private taxis or cabs can be hired from Bhubaneswar, Berhampur, or Rayagada. This can be a comfortable option, especially for larger groups or those unfamiliar with the route. However, expect higher prices compared to public transportation.
  • Buses: OSRTC (Odisha State Road Transport Corporation) operates regular buses from Bhubaneswar, Berhampur, and Rayagada to Gudisa. While this is the most budget-friendly option, be prepared for longer travel times and potentially crowded buses.

By Train:

The nearest railway station to Gudisa is Brahmapur Junction, located approximately 150 kilometers away. From there, you can take a taxi, bus, or hire a private vehicle to reach Gudisa.

Important Tips:

  • Check road conditions and weather updates before your journey, especially during the monsoon season.
  • Download offline maps or carry a reliable GPS device, as signage in the area might be limited.
  • Consider the travel time and budget when choosing your transportation option.
  • If driving, ensure your vehicle is in good condition and carry any necessary spare parts or tools.

Beyond the Guidebook:

Reaching Gudisa is not just a means to an end; it’s an experience in itself. Enjoy the winding roads, lush green landscapes, and charming villages along the way. Stop for a local meal, interact with the friendly people, and let the anticipation build as you approach your serene destination.

What Awaits You:

  • Spectacular Landscapes: Gudisa’s crown jewel is its breathtaking scenery. Lush green hills cloaked in mist, cascading waterfalls like Dangapani and Sapta Chhuri, and panoramic views of the surrounding valleys will leave you spellbound.
  • Adventure Activities: Gudisa is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts. Trek through the dense forests, rappel down gushing waterfalls, or embark on a challenging mountain bike ride. For a slower pace, explore the scenic trails or take a refreshing dip in the natural pools.
  • Tribal Culture. Witness their traditional dances, learn about their customs and beliefs, and shop for unique handicrafts. Visit the weekly market at Krushna Gopalpur for a glimpse into their colorful way of life.
  • Spiritual Enchantment: Gudisa is dotted with temples and shrines, each with its unique story and spiritual significance. Visit the ancient Gopalji Temple, perched atop a hill and offering stunning views, or seek blessings at the serene Ramalingeswar Temple.
  • Wildlife Encounters: Gudisa is home to diverse flora and fauna. Keep your eyes peeled for spotted deer, monkeys, langurs, and a variety of birds. You might even spot the elusive sloth bear in the dense forests.

Where to Stay:

some specific hotel and accommodation options in Gudisa Hill Station, catering to different budgets and preferences:


  • Sailabala Bhavan: A cozy guesthouse with clean rooms, shared bathrooms, and a basic breakfast. Located near the main market area. (Expect rates around INR 200-300 per night)
  • Parbati Niwas: Another affordable guesthouse offering comfortable rooms and shared bathrooms. Great location close to the waterfalls. (Expect rates around INR 300-400 per night)
  • Khandhamal Tourist Cottages in Salia Sahi: Basic forest cottages with attached bathrooms and balconies overlooking the valley. Ideal for budget-conscious travelers seeking a nature experience. (Expect rates around INR 800-1000 per night)


  • Jungle Star Eco Camp: Eco-friendly resort nestled amidst the hills, offering comfortable tents, nature walks, trekking, and delicious local meals. (Expect rates around INR 1500-2000 per night)
  • Gudisa Tourism Eco Resort: Another eco-resort with cottages, dormitories, adventure activities, and cultural programs. Perfect for families and groups. (Expect rates around INR 2000-3000 per night)
  • Nature Villa: A private villa with spacious rooms, a private balcony with breathtaking views, and personalized service. Ideal for a luxurious stay closer to nature. (Expect rates around INR 5000-7000 per night)


  • Gudisa View Homestay: Another private villa option with stunning views, luxurious rooms, and a swimming pool. Perfect for a romantic getaway or a special occasion. (Expect rates around INR 8000-10,000 per night
What to Eat:

Odisha’s culinary delights await you in Gudisa. Savor local delicacies like ‘pakhal’ (rice and lentil stew), ‘phulabari’ (aromatic rice dish), and ‘alua’ (sweet potato dessert). Don’t miss the chance to try fresh fish caught from the nearby streams.

Travel Tips:

  • Gudisa is best visited during the monsoon and winter months (June to February) when the weather is pleasant and the waterfalls are at their full glory.
  • Pack comfortable shoes, rain gear, and insect repellent.
  • Carry cash as ATMs are limited in the area.
  • Be a responsible traveler and respect the local culture and environment.

Beyond the Guidebook:

Gudisa is more than just a tourist destination; it’s an experience. Disconnect from the digital world, reconnect with nature, and discover the hidden treasures of this pristine hill station. Take a dip in the natural pools under the cascading waterfalls, share stories around a bonfire under the starry sky, and let the tranquility of Gudisa wash away your worries.

Gudisa awaits you, a haven for the soul, an escape to the arms of nature, and a promise of an unforgettable adventure. So, pack your bags, embrace the spirit of exploration, and embark on your journey to Gudisa, Odisha’s hidden gem!

Ashwini Timbadia

Ashwini Timbadia

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