Ermayi Falls: Nature’s Hidden Gem in the Heart of Karnataka

ermayi falls

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Nestled amidst the lush greens of Western Ghats, lies Ermayi Falls, a cascading haven of tranquility and adventure. This multi-layered waterfall, also known as Ermai Falls or Chikmagalur Waterfall, promises a refreshing escape from the ordinary, beckoning with its vibrant charm and hidden secrets.

Ermayi falls :

  • Location: Ermayi Falls is located near Kajoor village, nestled in the foothills of the Ballalarayana Durga range, about 89 km from Chikmagalur and 18 km from Ujire in Karnataka.
  • The Descent: Adventure awaits as you descend through a scenic trail amidst dense forests, encountering captivating nature at every turn.
  • Multi-tiered Majesty: Brace yourself for the spectacle of not one, but multiple cascades! Ermayi boasts several levels, each offering a unique experience, from cascading rapids to serene pools perfect for dipping your toes.
  • Thrilling Adventure: For the more adventurous souls, Ermayi provides the opportunity to stand behind the waterfall and feel the cascading power of nature firsthand.
  • Nature’s Symphony: Let the gushing waters, chirping birds, and rustling leaves become your soundtrack as you lose yourself in the tranquility of the surroundings.
ermayi falls

Reaching Ermayi : Your Guide to the Cascading Oasis

Ermayi Falls, tucked away in the verdant depths of Karnataka, beckons with its cascading charm and thrilling trails. But how do you navigate your way to this hidden gem? Worry not, adventurer, for I’ve laid out the paths to your serene escape!

From Chikmagalur:

  • Distance: 89 km
  • Route:
    • Head east on NH75 until you reach Mudigere.
    • Turn right onto SH57 towards Belthangady.
    • At Ujire, take a left towards Mundaje village.
    • Just before Kajoor village, look for a turnoff to the right marked for Ermayi Falls.
    • Follow the scenic road for about a kilometer to reach the parking area.

From Ujire:

  • Distance: 18 km
  • Route:
    • Head east on SH57 towards Belthangady.
    • Turn left towards Mundaje village.
    • Just before Kajoor village, look for a turnoff to the right marked for Ermayi Falls.
    • Follow the scenic road for about a kilometer to reach the parking area.

Public Transport:

  • Buses from Chikmagalur and Ujire ply to Mundaje village. From there, you can hire a taxi or rickshaw to the falls entrance.

Private Taxi:

  • Hiring a taxi from Chikmagalur or Ujire offers convenience and flexibility. Inform your driver about the Ermayi Falls entry gate for a hassle-free ride.
ermayi falls

Place to visit nearby :

Ermayi Falls offers a refreshing escape, but the adventure doesn’t have to end there! Here are some captivating places to visit nearby, tailored to different interests:

For Nature Lovers:

  • Didupe Falls: Another cascading beauty, just 5 km from Ermayi, offering serene pools and scenic walks.
  • Mulki Kayaking: Paddle through serene backwaters near Mulki (50 km), surrounded by mangroves and diverse birdlife.
  • Charmadi Ghat: Experience breathtaking mountain views and hairpin bends on this scenic drive (40 km) through the Western Ghats.

History Buffs:

  • Dharmasthala Temple: Immerse yourself in the spiritual and cultural heritage at this renowned Jain temple complex (18 km).
  • Manjarabad Fort: Explore the ruins of this ancient hill fort (50 km), offering panoramic views and glimpses into history.
  • Belthangady Jain Basadis: Discover intricate carvings and peaceful courtyards at these ancient Jain temples (25 km).

For Adventure Seekers:

  • Ballalarayana Durga Trek: Climb to the peak of this historic fort (50 km) for breathtaking vistas and a challenging adventure.
  • Bhairavana Gudda Trek: Hike through dense forests and challenging terrains to reach the peak (40 km) for stunning views and a sense of achievement.
  • Kalahasthi Caves: Explore these natural caves (30 km) with hidden passages and stunning rock formations for a thrilling experience.

For Family Fun:

  • Hallimane Resort: Relax and unwind at this scenic resort near Chikmagalur (40 km) with boating, nature walks, and children’s activities.
  • Jannati Garden: Discover vibrant flora and fauna amidst a scenic park (25 km) with lakes, fountains, and boating options.
  • Manikyadhara Falls: Enjoy a picnic and refreshing dip in the natural pools of this family-friendly waterfall (50 km).
ermayi falls
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