Forget the hustle and bustle of Bangalore for a moment. Tucked within the sprawling greenery of Cubbon Park lies a delightful experience that’ll charm both kids and kids-at-heart: the Puttani Express! This brightly colored toy train has been chugging along for decades, and trust me, it’s way more fun than battling traffic. Let’s dive into how to make the most of your visit & cubbon park toy train timings !

Cubbon park toy train timings

  • Nearest Metro: Cubbon Park Metro Station is right outside the park gates, making it super convenient.
  • Rickshaws & Taxis: These are plentiful in Bangalore, and most drivers will know Cubbon Park.
  • Driving: There’s limited parking within the park, especially on weekends, so public transport might be less stressful.
  • No Visas Worries: If you’re traveling within India, you won’t need a visa.
cubbon park toy train timings

All Aboard! Toy Train Timings

  • Days: The Puttani Express runs every day except Mondays and the second Tuesday of each month (those are maintenance days).
  • Hours: Rides operate from 10:30 AM to 6 PM.
  • Ticket Tip: The ticket counter is near the main park entrance, where the tracks start. Get there early on weekends to avoid long lines.

When’s the Best Time To Ride?

  • Weather-Wise: Bangalore is fairly pleasant year-round, but the sweet spot is October to March for warm days and cool evenings.
  • Avoiding Crowds: Weekdays are your friend if you want a less crowded ride. Early mornings and late afternoons also tend to be quieter.

More Than Just a Train Ride: What to Do in Cubbon Park

  1. Jawahar Bal Bhavan: Hop off near this children’s park! It has playgrounds, a theater, and those delightfully retro coin-operated amusement rides.
  2. Aquarium: One of India’s oldest, it’s home to a variety of fish. Perfect if you need a break from the sun, and it’s right by a train stop!
  3. Statues & History: The park is dotted with statues of famous figures. Take a stroll and learn a bit about the city’s history.
  4. Picnic Time: Pack some snacks, or grab food from a vendor, and find a shady spot under the trees. People-watching in Cubbon Park is top-notch.

Fueling Your Adventure: Snacks & Sips

Cubbon Park has a mix of options to keep your energy up:

  • Street Food Stalls: You’ll find vendors selling classic treats like roasted peanuts, fresh-cut fruit, and masala chai.
  • Kiosks: Grab ice cream, cold drinks, or packaged snacks for a quick energy boost.
  • Sit-Down Option: The Cubbon Pavilion restaurant offers a slightly more substantial menu if you’re craving a proper meal.

Snoozing Nearby: Where to Stay

Bangalore has accommodation for every style and budget:

  • Luxury Loves: Pamper yourself at one of the 5-star hotels (think ITC Gardenia or The Oberoi) near the park’s eastern edge.
  • Mid-Range Comfort: Plenty of good hotels in the MG Road area offer a nice balance of price and amenities.
  • Budget-Friendly: The streets around the main Bangalore City Railway Station have guesthouses and hostels, good if cost-saving is key.

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