Unwind & Unwind: Chikmagalur trip for 2 days package

chikmagalur trip for 2 days package

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Forget cookie-cutter tours and predictable itineraries! This isn’t your mother’s Chikmagalur guide. In just two days, we’ll ditch the guidebook and paint the town (well, mountain town) emerald with an adventure tailor-made for the offbeat explorer. Get ready for a whirlwind journey that swaps manicured coffee slopes for hidden waterfalls, sunrises at forgotten temples, and evenings spent chasing fireflies amidst whispering bamboo groves.Read more on chikmagalur trip for 2 days package :

Chikmagalur trip for 2 days package

Day 1: Embrace the Wild Side:

  • Sunrise at Mullayanagiri: Ditch the crowded sunrise trek and opt for a midnight climb. Reach the peak by dawn, watch the world wake up beneath a sea of clouds, and feel like you’ve touched the sky. Pack warm clothes and a thermos of Chikmagalur’s finest brew – you’ll need it!
  • Jungle Jewels: Skip the tourist traps and head to Jhari Valley. Hike through dense forests, cross gushing streams, and discover hidden waterfalls that cascade into emerald pools. Pack your swimsuit and towel – a dip in this natural beauty is mandatory.
  • Lost in Belavadi: Forget fancy resorts and find a homestay in Belavadi. Learn local pottery skills, explore the ancient Hoysala temple, and barter for spices in the bustling market. This is Chikmagalur off the grid, and it’s where stories are born.
chikmagalur trip for 2 days package

Day 2: Coffee, Culture, and Cosmic Echoes:

  • Brew Like a Boss: Ditch the café lattes and learn the art of making coffee the Chikmagalur way. Visit a family-run estate, pick your own beans, and roast them over a crackling fire. Savor the earthy aroma and feel the caffeine magic flow.
  • Whispers of Faith: Hike to Baba Budangiri, a sacred site for both Hindus and Muslims. Explore the cave temple, soak in the panoramic views, and witness the harmonious blend of religious cultures. It’s a journey of introspection amidst breathtaking scenery.
  • Starry Tales: Ditch the fancy restaurants and pack a picnic. Head to a secluded spot, spread out your blanket under the inky sky, and let the constellations tell their stories. Chikmagalur’s night sky is a tapestry of celestial wonder, perfect for whispering secrets to the stars.


  • Don’t over-plan: Leave room for serendipity. A chance encounter with a local farmer might lead you to a hidden waterfall, or a dusty chai shop could offer the best filter coffee you’ve ever tasted.
  • Pack for adventure: Hiking shoes, a raincoat, and a sense of humor are your essentials. Chikmagalur weather can be fickle, but that’s part of the charm.
  • Embrace the chaos: There might be power cuts, internet glitches, and unexpected detours. But that’s the beauty of offbeat travel. It’s about learning to navigate the unexpected and laughing along the way.

So, dear soul, are you ready to ditch the predictable and embrace the brew-tiful chaos of Chikmagalur? This isn’t a trip for the faint of heart, but for those who seek adventure, authenticity, and a dash of coffee-fueled spontaneity. Pack your bags, grab your sense of wonder, and get ready to paint your Chikmagalur story in emerald hues. You’ll return with memories that linger long after the last sip of that perfect cup of coffee.

Bon voyage, seeker of adventure!

chikmagalur trip for 2 days package
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